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"PITA GYROS" Branding Restaurant Greek Cuisine

Packaging for Fast Food Restaurant

Pita Gyros is a new and up-to-date project in fast food restaurants segment, which draws inspiration from Greek cuisine and is targeted on the most dynamic, young and stylish audience of modern consumers. Located on the most vibrant streets of the capital city center, Pyta Gyros restaurants offer a wide range of salads, traditional Greek dishes and in-house desserts. This is a restaurant that aims to satisfy and delight its customers, serving all natural and crisp handmade dishes in a colorful atmosphere at reasonable prices.



To reflect the character of the Pita Gyros brand - open to experiments, sociable, ready to play a trick on itself - I proposed a concept based on illustrations with ironic characters. Created images organically resonated with the main highlight of the interior - graffiti wall. The idea was realized through the creation and drawing of individual characters, which delivered features and visual image of the main dishes of the restaurant. Such as pita, a glass of cola, a basket of French fries in an embrace with a salt cellar, suvlak, muffin, etc.  These characters were later combined into one pattern, which became the basis for all elements of the restaurant branding.



Packaging is an important point of contact with the guest for this restaurant and must reflect 100% of brand values. My task was to initiate emotional communication with visitors and convey the idea that Pita Gyros is modern, stylish, tasty and healthy fast food restaurant.

The scope of work on packaging design includes packaging design for food boxes, glasses for hot and cold drinks, bags for takeaway, wrapping paper, meal disposable equipment packaging, packaging design for sugar, salt and pepper, etc.

I suggested using a corporate pattern for clothes, footwear, bags and other items of corporate style. Thus, the brand will have support and recognition not only within the restaurant, but also gain general notoriety.

The developed packaging design for Pita Gyros allows the brand to enjoy the reputation of hotspot restaurant and attract the most active, dynamic, stylish and promising audience of consumers, who have good taste, value innovations and variety.