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Corporate style



It is important for a successful employee to follow all the rules of the dress code down to the smallest details. So the image of the company should be consolidated in all four components: the logo, name, color composition, and custom branded graphics. These elements must be present on all products of the brand. This creates an almost 100% correlation of products with a specific brand.

Разработка фирменного стиля для компании


Almost every company needs to position itself as a solid, trustworthy brand. It is very important to find a new and interesting visual solution for all the similar features within projects.  The development of corporate identity begins with the search for bright ideas.


разработка фирменного стиля отSOT B&D

It takes from 7 to 10 days to develop a corporate style, considering the number of variations you want to see. Of course, it is better to order several versions. The possibility of choosing the best option guarantees you that the design of your company will be effective and meet all your expectations.

пример работы по фирменному стилю



The unique corporate identity that corresponds to a particular brand is often the key to a successful advertising campaign. Getting started, our creative team carefully analyzes the competitive market to cut off any options that give the slightest hint of similarity with any other company. 




Professionally developed corporate style is one of the most important steps in creating a company identity. Any company that wants to become successful needs a tailor-made design that unites all the elements of a corporate style into one unique idea.

The creation of corporate identity occurs in several stages, the first of which is a piece of thorough information collection about the company together with a detailed analysis of the information received. This is necessary in order to choose the most effective development strategy for a company (or brand). The strategy is to be implemented in the logo, documentation, corporate website, work overalls, etc.

Corporate style makes the first impression of the company with a consumer audience. That is why the design agency SOT B& D, starting the development of corporate style, collects and analyzes all available information about the brand (target audience; the market segment in which the company and/or its products are represented; basic principles of the company's positioning and much more). Taking into account all these facts, it is possible to develop the most effective brand, embodied in a system that combines all the components of the corporate style.

One of the most significant components of the corporate style is the logo. Logo performs the essence of the brand, makes the brand recognizable. All the other components of corporate style are to be created further.

Graphic design of corporate style includes a huge number of elements and is created in several stages (elaboration of the company name design, palette of colors selection for the company's corporate website, logo creation, label design, letterhead design, etc.).

разработка логотипа и фирменного стиля для компании 


To create an effective corporate style, you need to know the psychology of the consumer and use the marketing ideas that are effective for this particular case. A professional approach to creating a corporate style is the key to the company's future success.

Our agency is able to develop a unique corporate identity that will help your brand to launch successfully or will strengthen its positioning in the relevant market.

Corporate style components:

- logo as the  main visual component;
- sign/symbol that reflects the consumer audience to the brand;
- a module that combines the brand sign/symbol and logo;
- a corporate palette of colors used in the design;
- corporate font set (usually there are two of them - the main and the second one);
- a line of writing;
- company motto (if exists);
- recommendation for the paper types to use for corporate documentation;
- set of corporate illustrations.

The set of corporate print collateral includes:

- business card of the company;
- personal business cards (also in bilingual version);
- corporate envelopes (standard E65, E65 with a "window", C5 and C4);
- corporate letterhead for business letters;
- corporate folder;
- a notepad for business notes;
- corporate badges for employees;
- employee pass certificate;
- corporate greeting card;
- annual report form;
- promotional brochure.

The list of print collateral intended for clients:

- pass certificate of a client;
- separate access certificate for VIP clients;
- badge for visitors;
- client card;
- "Contract" form.

Outdoor advertising includes:

- signboard;
- billboard;
- sign plate;
- light block;
- design for corporate cars;
- a set of direction indicators.


Special corporate set for Internet resources:

- the template for the corporate and  personal signatures of the employee for e- correspondence;
- corporate web-resource design;
- professional copywriting (corporate web-resource profile information, the creation of PR articles for the Internet);
- advertising banners.

The corporate style for the office includes:

- Design for the facade of the head office and its branches;
- Office premises interior design;
- Interior phyto-decor (selection and placement of plants);
- Interior items and furniture selecting (office premises, presentation hall and other premises);
- information stands for visitors;
- door and desk plates for office workers;
- internal direction signs.

Corporate identity in souvenirs and gift products:

- calendars;
- leather goods;
- accessories with corporate symbols.

Corporate style elements for verbal and visual identification:

- employees presentation in phone conversations;
- dress code for employees;
- special (with brand logo) uniform for the company's security department.

Corporate identity for advertising companies in media:

- the audio track for the radio advertising;
- the video for TV advertising;
- newspaper advertising module;
- full-color edition advertising module;
- corporate presentation CD-disk (“multimedia business card” of the company);
catalog advertising module.




PACKAGE "3 or 5"

Logo 3 designs, 3 edits, the execution period is up to 7 days.


Logo 5 designs, 5 edits, the execution period is up to 10 days.




Logo (3 designs, 3 edits, the execution period is up to 7 days). Corporate style (3 designs, 5 edits, the execution period is up to 7 days)

COST 1495 USD.

Includes: address block, business card, envelope, a folder for papers


Logo (5 designs, 5 edits, the execution period is up to 10 days). Corporate style (3 designs, 5 edits, the execution period is up to 12 days)

COST 1995 USD.

Includes: address block, business card, envelope, and a folder for paper.




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